Quattro Passi
Quattro Passi Restaurant,
Mayfair, London

Commissioned by
Carte Blanche Design

Type of Light
2 x Custom Starling lights
L 2200mm x W 1100mm x D 25mm
L 3050mm x W 1100mm x D25mm
Hand blown glass, gilded leaf finish,
polymer end emitting fibre optics

The basement lounge area of this Michelin
star restaurant features customised versions
of the Starling wall panels which are located
behind the grand piano in the bar have been
gilded with a distressed leaf finish with
numerous hand blown glass leaves which
are intricately assembled in a meandering
composition on this luxurious façade.

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    Sharon Marston –  Quattro Passi Restaurant Sharon Marston –  Quattro Passi Restaurant