Royal lobby and Royal Entrance,
King Abdullah Sports Stadium,
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Commissioned by
Savana Studio & Saudi Aramco

Type of Light
2 x Custom April-Autumn Installations
Woven brass and steel mesh, polymer,
mirror polished steel, glass side emitting
fibre optics
L 10'000mm x W 1987mm x H 1240mm
L 3500mm x W 900mm x H 1240mm

The installations within the King Abdullah
Sports Stadium span from the royal entrance
on level 2 where a 3.5 metre long installation
clouds above visitors, to the 10 metre
installation that travels through the royal
lobby on level 4. Both pieces consist of
waves of fibre optics which are embellished
in a dense arrangement of white, brass and
steel Flora shapes that meander through
the composition. The piece in the royal
lobby undulates across the ceiling drawing
visitors along into the royal box.

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