Gallery Installation Location
The Old Truman Brewery Gallery
London Design Festival

Commissioned by
London Design Festival

Type of Light
Custom Willow Installation
Woven brass mesh, willow cane, polymer end emitting fibre optics
L 7600mm x W 5700mm x H 3000mm

Created specifically for this industrial space, the installation provides a delicate and natural contrast to its surrounding environment. The flutter of the decorative components used, captures a sense of movement and dance throughout the space. Each element of the installation provides a closer insight into the studio's dexterity, craftsmanship and sensitivity to materials. Over 10,000 of these petal forms have been hand crafted in woven brass and are intricately gathered across the willow cane enclosure. The sculpture has then been embellished with thousands of jewel-like fibre optic filaments creating a luminous energy to the piece.

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