Carré Privé Ouest Location
Carré Privé Ouest Shopping Mall
Paris, France

Commissioned by
Hammerson & Codic

Type of Light
Austin Light
Ceramic, mirror polished steel, glass side
emitting fibre optic
L 11'800mm x W 11'800mm x H 5'000 –

The project consists of several installation
based on the Austin design from the
collection. To keep within the ethos of the
project, the proposal was to embellish the
aisles with undulating gold and black
decorative components, which not only
reflect Carré Privé's brand image but
furthermore emphasises the luxurious
concept of this shopping experience. The
individual features installed throughout the
mall would poetically captivate visitors,
visually drawing them towards the central
dramatic atrium installation.

This central atrium feature has thousands
of decorative components assembled on
to glass side emitting fibre optic filaments,
composed in a meandering pattern down
through the atrium and in between the

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