A moment photographing costume designs first sparked
Sharon Marston's passion for working with light. A piece
of woven nylon was illuminated beautifully under the
camera lights and Marston was captivated by the
multitude of creative possibilities that this presented.

This extraordinary exploration of materials and light has
already led Marston to become one of the UK's most
exciting bespoke lighting designers. Her bold, beautiful
creations are loved by interior designers, architects,
film-makers and theatre producers and are installed in
luxurious destinations internationally. Her commission
piece for 'Brilliant' was among the first contemporary
lighting to be exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

As with many of life's more interesting journeys, Marston's
doesn't follow a traditional path. She originally studied
jewellery at Middlesex University and went on to design
for fashion, theatre and dance. She has worked with names
such as Bella Freud, Michiko Koshino, Paul Smith and
The English National Opera accumulating a wealth of varied
experience and skills along the way.

Marston's work in different disciplines has undoubtedly
influenced her current practice. Materials, craftsmanship
and techniques are cleverly interwoven into her light pieces
in surprising new ways. As a result her work has a fluidity,
drama and sculptural quality which clearly sets it apart.

One might say that Marston 'dresses' light so that it
'performs'. Her journey continues with ambitions to drive
her distinctive aesthetic in ever more diverse and intriguing
directions. Be it collaborations on art works, installations
or performances the fact remains that in Marston's hands
materials are transformed, ideas are challenged and, it
would seem, creative potential is boundless.